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Natalie Matias

Project: Russian Magic Tales

Russian Magic Tales is Natalie Matias’ debut album featuring three of the composer’s solo works for piano performed by pianist Natalia Sheludiakova.

Natalie Matias is a graduate of the New Zealand School of Music and the Sydney Conservatorium of Music, having obtained a Bachelor of Arts (2010) and Master of Music in Composition (2014) and an Honours degree in music studies. She is currently completing a doctorate in music analysis at Durham University working with Professor Julian Horton. Natalie’s work is in concert hall composition, film composition, film music analysis and formal analysis. She has previously been supervised and mentored by Dr. James Wierzbicki, Dr. Rosalind Page, Mrs. Natalia Sheludiakova and Kenneth Young. In 2013, Natalie won the Jean Bogan Youth Prize for composers under 25 years for Suite for Piano, premiered by prominent Australian pianist, Michael Kieran Harvey at the University of Newcastle. She was an New Zealand Symphony Orchestra Todd COrporation Young Composer Award Finalist in 2011 featuring her work The Crucible.

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