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The SkyDeck name/logo appears on the front cover in a way that compliments the unique design for each album. It should be 20-25% of the width of the front cover or 3-4 centimeters. When supplied by SkyDeck, in most cases, the cover will already include the logo.


Balance a uniformity of the entire label's catalogue with the best decision for each project.


The SkyDeck logo font is a variation of the font: saucerbb [click here to download].

The "S" and "D" are larger than the rest of the letters. The top of the "K" should be halfway up the top part of the "S." (72 point font for the S and D and 64 for the smaller letters, is a good ratio) 

Logo Clip.jpg


This graphic, included in the branding Dropbox folder, should appear on the top right corner of the back cover, should be about 4.5 cm wide and 1/2 cm from the top of the right edge.

Skydeck Back Logo.jpg
design 2.jpg

The SkyDeck web address in Calibri (or similar) font should be centered under the logo as below.

A thin, white border should go around the graphic as appropriate for the color scheme.

design 1.jpg


The logo should be on the right side of the CD as shown below. Several projects have included the logo on top of some variation of the cover design with no additional text on the CD itself. Choose the best solution for any particular project.

CD design 1.jpg
CD design 2.jpg
CD 3.jpg


This logo should be on its side, lined up with the top of the back cover logo.

SkyDeck Logo 1.jpg

The title of the CD should be centered in all caps and the catalogue number should be at the bottom. 

eg: SDM - 1717

Bonnie and Clyde Cover.jpg


Digipak covers are rectangular. Digital distribution covers are square. In some cases, the cover content is better served by adjusting the layout (rather than just cropping to create a square cover). The minimum digital distribution resolution is 3000 x 3000 pixels.

A UPC code is created at the time the digital distribution is processed and we can make that code available to designers to generate a code for the back cover.

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