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Dave Lisik Orchestra featuring Tim Hagans, Donny McCaslin, Luis Bonilla, and Matt Wilson

SDM - 1001

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Tim Hagans, trumpet and flugelhorn

Donny McCaslin, tenor and soprano saxophones

Luis Bonilla, trombone

Joey Tartell, lead trumpet, flugelhorn 

Marlin McKay, trumpet, flugelhorn 

Ryan Imboden, trumpet, flugelhorn  

Dave Lisik, trumpet, flugelhorn 

Jack Cooper, alto saxophone, soprano saxophone, flute, clarinet

Gary Topper, alto saxophone, flute, clarinet

Dustin Laurenzi, tenor saxophone, clarinet

Mike Krepper, tenor saxophone, clarinet

Art Edmaiston, tenor saxophone, clarinet

Tom Link, baritone saxophone, bass clarinet, tenor saxophone

Anthony Williams,  trombone 

Tony Garcia, trombone  

John Grodrian, trombone  

David Dick, bass trombone

Chris Vivio, tuba

Jeff Nelsen, horn 

Dan Philips, horn

Corey Christiansen, guitar

Amy Rempel, piano

Jeremy Allen, bass

Matt Wilson, drums

Joe Galvin, cajon, percussion


He was born Charles Bolden in 1868. He grew up to be a swashbuckler, who drank and womanized in a fashion suitable for legend-making. According to various writers, he was a barber by trade and published a scandal sheet called The Cricket.  He began to have fits of insanity in the earliest years of the century and was committed to East Louisiana State hospital in 1907, where he died in 1931. This, at least, is the legend...



1. Coming Through Slaughter (11:21)

     "His geography... a mile or so from the streets made marble by jazz."

2. Crick Noises and Cricket Music (8:20)

     "For this is what we are when watched by people bigger than us."

3. The Drawings of Audubon (4:37)

     "Which seemed to lean over the water, its eyes closed, with thoughts of self-destruction."

4. Whistling in the Way of Bolden (4:18)

     "Ecstasy before death."

5. Auditorium of Enemies (5:16)

     "The music was his dance."

6. The Horror of Noise (7:46)

     "Then he falls, dissolving out of his pose."

7. Suicide of the Hands (7:43)

     "After his child died in his dream."

8. In Exile (5:01)

     "Something about the way the man who carries his profession with him always."

9. - The Parade - Part I  (5:41)

     "So in the public parade he went mad into silence."

10. The Parade - Part II (4:59)

11. Epilogue, Bleach Out To Grey (3:26)

     "...he dropped the negative into the acid and watched it..."

Total Time: 68:26

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