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CSPS Ensemble

Project: On the Face Place

CSPS Ensemble is a collective of some of the most dynamic young musicians of Macedonia, joined by frequent collaborator composer/saxophonist Dave Wilson. "CSPS" stands as a tribute to the musicians' cities of origin (Chicago, Skopje, Probištip, and Štip) as they converge to forge new musical pathways. The ensemble illuminates the compositions of Wilson and bassist/composer Kiril Tufekčievski through its complex but contagious grooves, angular interlocking melodies, and sophisticated lyricism. Featuring acrobatic soloing by Kiril Kuzmanov on alto, Ivan Ivanov on tenor, and Trajče Velkov on trumpet and anchored by Tufekčievski on bass, Bojan Petkov on guitar, and Ratko Dautovski on percussion, CSPS Ensemble boasts some of the most in-­demand players in Macedonia and Southeastern Europe in jazz and across popular and traditional music genres.

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