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On The Face Place

CSPS Ensemble


1. That One   (7:52)

2. Got Away   (7:29)

3. Mist in the Missed   (6:06)

4. The Red Barbunya   (7:16)

5. Joanica   (9:30)

6. Cygnus Attractus  (7:35)
7. Keep It To Yourself   (5:45)

8. Karma Bura    (4:18)

CSPS is a collective of the best young musicians of Macedonia, joined by frequent collaborator composer/saxophonist Dave Wilson. With a three-piece horn section and rhythm section anchored by bassist Kiril Tufekčievski, guitarist Bojan Petkov, and multi-genre percussionist Ratko Dautovski, their debut album On the Face Place is firmly grounded in the jazz tradition; the ensemble shapes Wilson and Tufekčievski’s original compositions through its complex but contagious grooves, angular interlocking melodies, and sophisticated lyricism. With the acrobatic soloing of Kiril Kuzmanov on alto saxophone and Trajče Velkov on trumpet, it comes as no surprise that these musicians are some of the most in- demand players in Macedonia and Southeastern Europe in jazz and across popular and traditional music genres. 

Kiril Kuzmanov, alto saxophone, flute
Dave Wilson, tenor saxophone, baritone saxophone, alto flute 

Trajče Velkov, trumpet
Kiril Tufekčievski, bass
Bojan Petkov, guitar
Ratko Dautovski, percussion

Recorded at Chicken Madness Studio in Skopje, Macedonia

Produced by Dave Wilson and Alen Hadži-Stefanov

Engineered and Mixed by Alen Hadži-Stefanov
Mastered by Luke Vander Pol

All compositions by Dave Wilson except The Red Barbunya by Kiril Tufekčievski and

Karma Bura by Carl Orff (arr. Wilson) 

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