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Rodger Fox Funkbone Experience

Rodger Fox, David K. Mathews, Dewayne Pate, Nick Granville, Lance Philip


1. Bonenette One   (0:23)

2. Rock Slide   (7:51)

3. John Scon   (9:35)

4. Texas Twister    (4:44)

5. Melting Pot   (6:49)

6. Sound Check   (12:23)

7. Bonenette Two   (0:26)

8. Patience   (5:14)

9. Sweet Lucy   (5:51)

10. Bonenette Three   (0:48)

11. Them Funky Changes   (7:52)

I have been looking at recording my FunkBone Experience project for awhile. The grooves and feels are the ones I grew up with playing with Quincy Conserve and the 1860 Band while listening Billy Cobham, the Jazz Crusaders and some of today’s bands like Snarky Puppy.

Recently the opportunity arose to get two dear friends of mine from San Francisco: bassist Dewayne Pate (Robben Ford, Arturo Sando- val) and keyboardist David K. Mathews (Tower of Power, Etta James and Santana), to New Zealand. I am grateful that they were available and into the concept. With my collegues from the New Zealand School of Music, fantastic drummer, Lance Philip, and the raging guitar- ist, Nick Granville, on board, it was time to move. I selected the material and organised a New Zealand tour for October 2016 to hone the music. Then we were in the studio at the School of Music, engineered by Richard Caigou. We organised the studio as a live performance setting and went to it; what you hear is a live recording with the control of being in a studio. The only overdubs are the percussion parts. From there, I was off to Los Angeles with the tracks and my friend, mixing and mastering engineer, Talley Sherwood.

Big thanks to Dewayne, Dave, Nick and Lance for buying into the project and laying down some great tracks. Big ups to Richard Caigou for the superb job recording this project and to Talley Sherwood for his mixing and mastering mastery.
I am very proud of this recording and I think it presents this style of music in a great light. 

Rodger Fox, trombone and effects

David K. Mathews, keyboards

Nick Granville, guitar

Dewayne Pate, bass

Lance Philip, drums and percussion

Recorded October 2016 by Richard Caigou at the NZSM Studios, Wellington

Mixed and mastered January  2017 by Talley Sherwood at Tri-Tone Studios, Los Angeles

Photography by Nick Granville

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